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2007-11-25: I passed my HAM test and I am now waiting for my certificate.
2007-12-03: I got my certificate today. I am now officially SA6AYN. CU on the bands.
2008-05-01: New QTH Ulvhult, Hjo, Sweden JO78EJ
2011-05-01: New QTH Skogaryd, Karlsborg JO78FL

See my progress on the log page.

The story…

2007-11-25 My name is Tony Nilsson and I am currently studying for a ham operator license.
You may contact me on e-mail firstname dot lastname at epideme dot com.
To begin with… here’s the story:

I have, since I was born in 1980, always been interested in science and technology and have experimented a lot over the years. In 1987 my late uncle Sigvard gave me a bunch of old broken transistor radios and some of them I actually got working after a while. I believe this triggered my interest in electronics.

Around this time I also started programming simple programs on my MSX SVI-728 and the fact that I was able to read by the age of 5 resulted in knowing a lot of Basic and Fortran (which I have now forgotten) before getting a computer at all. My older brother played a huge part in motivating and giving me access to hardware to work on.
During my school years I experimented, constructed and repaired most stuff that came into my path and my room was more like a workshop than a boys room. In my late teen years I started experimenting with weather satellites and my interest in radio grew.

In October 2000 I started working as an IT-technician at the Municipality of Tibro, Sweden and one of my co-workers there, SM6UCK Kjell, started early on to promote the idea of me taking the test.
With computers and advanced systems as a profession not much time was left for the other hobbies and also at this time music started playing (;)) a big part in my life. (Kjell is partly to blame for this also 🙂
Radio was now put on the shelf for a while.

Recently, 7 years later, I decided to take up radio again and ordered the books from SSA. A few days later destiny gave me a sign when I found a second hand Yaesu FT-757GXII tranceiver with an FC-757AT antenna “tuner” at Svebry Electronics, my favourite supplier of all things I rarely need since 20 years.
I immediately phoned them and told them to hold it for me. The radio had only been out on the web shop for a few seconds 😉
So now I am the proud owner of a complete rig with a home made dipole for 20m in the attic. No license yet though…. *sigh*

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