Epideme's Palace DNS Digger v4.3

by Tony Nilsson. Latest update: 20190408 11:04 CEST - Compatibility errors with EDNS.

This form will allow you to lookup records
on any DNS server.

Record type: for host/domain:
on DNS server:

If the DNS server field is empty dns.epideme.com will be used.

Return raw DiG output: (Advanced)

Check the box to tell DNS Digger NOT to analyze the result or give you
any suggestions. This will result in the raw output from the DiG engine.

Remember all of these values:

Check the box to save the entire form in a cookie, allowing your browser
to fill in these values automatically when you come back next time.

The DNS Digger is using DiG 9.10 Linux amd64 binaries.
Feedback and suggestions appreciated.
Should be optimized for any browser. Bugs included.

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